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Human Resource Manual

(HR)Human Resource Policy

Quality Statement :

With the mission to ensure an employee friendly, motivated and safe workplace environment for all the employees of the organization.

What is an HR policy?

A well-structured HR Policy allows employees to understand the rules of working for the organization. It acts as a guide or a framework to govern employee relations. HR Policies and Procedures help managers and employees understand the expectations of the organization and prevent misunderstandings while working together in the same premises.

Need for HR policy:

  • Gives a clear understanding of company expectations.
  • Sets proper communication amongst employees.
  • Clears queries about benefits and policies.
  • Builds up trust.
  • Helps foresee growth in one's career.


Talent Acquisition or Recruitment is the department responsible to hire manpower required for various departments of the company basis the need and requirement to executive specific company assigned job/s.

Types of Hiring basis job role :

  • Broadly Hiring is of two types – Bulk and Lateral.
  • Bulk is the hiring of Entry Level profiles like Trainers, executives till Team Leader profiles.
  • While Lateral is the hiring of experienced profiles from Assistant Manager till Vice President.
Types of Hiring basis Employment Status :

  • Broadly this is of two types – New Job and Replacement Job.
  • When a position is created to hire manpower and previously no one was employed in that role or function is defined as New Position.
  • When there was a previous incumbent who has either resigned, absconded or got transferred to a different location/department then the hiring is considered as Backfill or Replacement Hiring.
Hiring Process :

1) Business team is required to fill up the Job Request Form or JRF and take approval of the LOB Head.

2) Post this the same is shared with the Talent Acquisition Team for Hiring, this should accompany the Job Description, approved salary range, TAT of joining and address of joining. TA will share the same with the Founder Directors for approval.

3) Hiring team will start sourcing the candidates as per the JRF and JD.

4) Sourcing Channels – Direct Walkin, Portals, Employee Referrals, Transfers, Advertisements and Consultancies.

5) Direct Walkin – Candidates who get to know about the opportunity through Word of Mouth or Force Applications. This is most cost effective method of hiring.

6) Portals – There are paid and unpaid portals who support job posting or browsing resumes of candidates. It is essential for the recruitment team to venture new opportunities and register with most number of unpaid portals like Linked In, Indeed, Quiker, OLX etc to assist sourcing.

7) Employee Referrals – When employees refer their known candidates for the same company then, the mode is called Employee Referral Sourcing mode. Recruitment team is required to drive this. (Please follow Appendix number 1 for more details and policy pertaining to Employee Referral)

8) Transfers – During internal transfers one employee is discharged of all his/her responsibilities from a LOB or State or Center and is made to join another LOB or State or Center within the same group. (Please refer to Appendix 2 for more information)

9) Advertisements – This is an expensive tool where TA team is required to post ads in New Papers, Pamphlets, Electronic Media etc.

10) Consultancies – Manpower vendors who get contractually bound with the company to deliver manpower for hiring as per requirement.

11) Following are the Interview Rounds.

12) TA team will share selection confirmation over mail or will intimate the candidate on spot about the selection and take a joining confirmation over e-mail.

13) TA team is required to call the candidate min 2 days before joining and collect all the required documents. The documents are checked and to be verified by TA Manager and then shared with HR Team.

14) In case the candidate is hired by the State TA Coordinator then, for Ajeevika LOB there will be an additional interview round taken by the TA Manager at Kolkata, post his/her selection the candidate will be considered fit for joining.For the rest of the LOB selection by State Level TA team is final.

15) These Outstation candidates are also required to share their joining documents with TA Manager at Kolkata who will check and verify before sharing the same finally with HR before the candidate joins for Ajeevika. While for the rest of the LOBs the joining data will be shared by the LOB HR SPOC with Corporate HR Team directly.

16) TA team needs to track each joining and accordingly close requisition.

Pre-Joining Induction Process

1) Induction will be conducted before an employee joins the company i.e. on the Date of Joining the new joiner will first attend induction and then complete his/her joining formalities.

2) For Centre based joinings, new employees will visit the concerned ROs to complete their induction and joining formalities will be conducted on every Monday & Wednesday of the week. Employees will not be able to join everyday anymore.

3) HO and Kolkata based employees will be visiting either PS Aviator or Orion House for the induction and joining, on every Tuesday and Thursday of the week.

4) For centre based joinings, the Inductors will divide the ROs amongst themselves and over conference these ROs will be connected and new joining employees will attend induction.

5) For induction the employee will have to visit the concerned venue between 9am to 9.15am on the said dates. If an employee fails to reach the venue before 9:30am, then joining will be rescheduled to the next scheduled joining date.

6) For HO and Kolkata based employees offline induction will be arranged and the same will be conducted at PS Aviator/Orion House, followed by joining formalities.

7) Induction will be arranged from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Joining formalities will be ensured post lunch on the same day.

8) Post the induction, the inductor/s will evaluate the assessment sheets and share the scores with HR team so that the same can be incorporated in the Appointment Letter.

9) If the employee fails to clear the induction, reseat will be arranged on the next scheduled joining date and as per current process the employee needs to pass the reseat to be associated with Orion.

10) For any July and onwards joining, please share the new joining documents with TA Manager for verification.

Human Resource

Human Resources is primarily divided into Employee Relations, Operations, Talent Acquisition & Payroll. While Talent Acquisition has been covered already, below are the details of the rest.

Areas of Specialization: Who to approach for what?

Process of issuance of Offer Letter (OL) & Appointment Letter (AL):

  • Once the new joining documents are verified and uploaded in the excel sheet, HR will start using the same to prepare Offer Letter and Appointment Letter.
  • The documents must reach HR min 2days before joining.
  • OL and AL needs to be prepared in the same day.
  • Offer Letter or OL needs to be shared before Pre-joining Induction through e-mail.
  • Appointment Letter or AL needs to have the Induction Scores written before sharing with the employee.
  • Incase if the candidate is joining in an outstation location then, OL and AL is required to be shared with the concerned state HR or RM.
  • It is the duty of the concerned HR executive to get the acknowledgement of OL and AL from the concerned employees for filing.
Documents for Offer letter:

An employee has to submit the following documents at the time of joining to procure the offer letter:

  • Resume
  • PAN Card
  • Adhhar Card.
  • Voter Id Card/Passport/Driving License (Optional) for only Assam employees if Adhar Card is not present.
  • 10th Admit Card/Mark Sheet/Certificate which has DOB printed
  • Highest Academic Qualification Marksheet.
  • Technical Qualification Proof (where required).
  • Cancelled Cheque, Passport size photograph and Post Card Size photograph (for ESIC employees only).
  • Experience Certificate of all Previous Employers – which should mention DOJ & LWD. (for experienced candidates)
  • Resignation Acceptance Letter (where LWD is mentioned).
  • Last 3 month’s payslip or Bank Statement of the current employer – Please note the Bank Account should show salary credited from “Company Name” or the Salary credit intimation where the bank account was opened by the company itself and has the name of the company mentioned.
  • Joining Documents
  • If anyone has opted out of PF then the declaration at joining
  • E.S.I.C & E.P.F. Form fill-up
Tithing Policy :

Employees are expected to follow the noble task of Tithing every month. Following are the people who are eligible to get the Tithing.

  • Parents
  • Financially challenged Family members
  • Financially challenged Friends
  • NGOs

Min 10% of the monthly Net Salary needs to be paid as Tithing to one or more of the above mentioned people, every month. Employee may share the bank statement which shows the transfer of funds to above mentioned people, with Accounts team and till the 30th of September company will reimburse 20% of the 10% net salary of the employee paid as Tithing.

Travel Policy :

The mode of transportation & the cost of transportation have to be updated regularly on the FMS System: www.orionexp.biz – Please refer to Appendix 4 for more information
Once T.A. is updated on the system and approved of by the next level management, he/ she gets it reimbursed within a week.

Mediclaim :

• On completion of the probation period of 6 months our employees are entitled for Mediclaim with a coverage of Rs. 2 Lakhs from Heritage Health.
• To get the benefit for the employees’ parents, the employee will have to pay an amount of INR 1000/- per month for Each individual.

Maternity coverage :

The employee or his spouse gets a coverage of Rs. 30000 for caesarean and Rs. 15000 for normal delivery.

Group Insurance :

Group Accidental Insurance is also entitled to every employees of the organization from the 1st date of His/Her Joining.

Leave Policy : (Please refer to Appendix 5 for better clarification):

  • Separation Policy:

Separation is broadly classified into 2 sub-categories.

Voluntary Separation and Involuntary Separation.

  • Voluntary Separation :

Includes Resignation and Absconding Mode.

  • Resignation :

When an employee decides to resign from his/her current role, has to share a mail with the upline and seek approval stating the reason for the decision and the Last Working Date. As per policy following are the Notice periods from 1st of Nov 2017. Employees joined before 1st of Nov 2017 has a standard notice period of 15days.
Executive to Team Lead – 30days (exception : Trainers for Niladri Banerjee’s LOB is 90days)
Assistant Manager to Regional Manager – 60days
Assistant General Manager and Above – 90days
Notice period is not dependent on Confirmation status of the employee i.e. for both Confirmed and Non-Confirmed employees will follow the above rule.
If employee is not adhering to the same then either he/she pays off the basic salary for the Notice Period days or else, will be treated as Shortfall of notice period, i.e. the notice period amount will be deducted from Full and Final amount and then paid off, if there is a difference amount payable from the employee’s end then the same needs to be paid off first to get a relieving letter from the company. Also this employee will be considered as Non-Rehirable as well as will be considered as Negative profile for Back Ground Verification.

  • Absconding :

When an employee decides not to attend office without any prior intimation or putting a valid resignation. Business team needs to track the employee and try to get him back to office. Also business team is required to intimate HR about the absence of the employee on the 3rd day of continuous absence. HR is required to block all ids (E-mail, FMS, ERP/biometric etc) and consider the person as Absconding on Duty (AOD) and remove him from the active list of employees.
Such an employee will not be eligible for Full & Final Settlements, Relieving letter and will be considered as Non-Rehirable as well as will be considered as Negative profile for Back Ground Verification.

  • Involuntary Separation :

Includes Asked to Leave and Termination.

  • Asked to Leave :

This has been broadly classified into 2 scenario based situation.

  • Due to Performance/Disciplinary Issues :

When an employee is not performing over a period of 60days and is more than 90days old in the system, the management can decide on releasing the employee from the company. Also when an employee is involved inany disciplinary issue and post following the Disciplinary grid, Level 3 is issued, i.e. Separation will be initiated. In this situation employee’s notice period can be waived off, he/she will be eligible for only the days worked and will be issued a relieving letter. Rehire status would be Negative but Back Ground Verification would be Positive.

  • Retrenchment Policy :

When an employee commits any sever disciplinary issue like Sexual Harassment, Sever Damage to company property or any other instance which is detrimental to the business, that employee can be considered for Termination. Before the same is done the business leader must share an official e-mail detailing the issues and show causing the employee and requesting to respond within 24 to 48hrs, barring the holidays and offs. Post the employee replies the same needs to be shared with HR. HR will form a neutral committee which should include the concerned LOB head, Director HR and Business HR Head for review. If the committee finds the reply to be genuine and the employee is released from all charges then, the employment to be reinstated with a Warning Letter Level 2, however, if the committee finds the employee to be a convict, then he/she will be separated with immediate effect. No FnF will be processed however relieving letter to be provided mentioning the reason for Termination. Re-hire check will be Negative and Background Verification status will be negative as well. The investigation needs to be over within 72hrs expect for Holidays and Offs. Till such time employee will be on Suspension of Duty status i.e. he/she will be suspended to attend office. Such absence will be treated as Leave without pay if leave balance is not present/exhausted. HR will file the incident in details for legal reasons.

  • Full and Final Settlement :

  • • The employee who resigns or gets terminated needs to fill up the form of F & F on the last working day.
  • • HR is required to share the same with the FnF details mentioned in a mail to the LOB Head for approval.
  • • Post approval the same is shared with Accounts team for release. From the time HR receives approval and the intimation is shared with Accounts team, the time should not exceed 48hrs (excepting Holidays and Offs).
  • • Employee is required to submit his/her id card or any other office items in position before filling up FnF. If the same is not shared then deduction of money to be done from FnF.

Salary Help Desk :

With the vision to handle salary issues efficiently, HR is pleased to introduce, Salary Help Desk concept from March 2018. From this month all Salary Related issues are require to be reported from 5th till 8th of the month at Salary.Helpdesk@Orionedutech.in e-mail id. This id will be operational from 5th till 8th EOD every month, that means no one can either mail in or mail out from this id post 8th or before 5th of the month . Following is the process.

  • 1) Mostly Salary Slips and Salary gets disbursed by 5th of every month. Employee is required to check the salary and get back to HR incase of any discrepancy at the above mentioned id within the specified timeline.
  • 2) No individual mails to be shared to any HR id as HR will not be able to track and respond to these cases.
  • 3) Any new issue getting shared after 8th will not be considered.
  • 4) In case if any issue which got reported within the specified timeline in the specified e-mail address, is not resolved within 8th then, HR will continue to resolve the same and updates will be shared from individual ids, but no new issues can be reported in response to the resolution to individual HR id.
Employment Confirmation:

When an employee joins Orion EdutechPvt Ltd, he/she is eligible for 6 months of probation irrespective of designation and demography and this is subject to performance within these 6 months.

  • 1) Employment Confirmation cycle will be 1st to 31st of the month.
  • 2) Post completion of 6 months HR will share the list with the respective LOB Heads for confirmation.
  • 3) Respective LOB Heads will consult the employee’s immediate supervisor and basis performance the employee will be confirmed.
  • 4) Supervisor may decide to Hold confirmation twice i.e. for 30days two times at the max. On the 3rd instance if the LOB Head feels that the employee is still not fit to be confirmed then the employee should be on performance observation for 30days and post that the employee either gets a confirmation or is asked to leave.
  • 5) HR will share mails with the employees in their Official/Personal e-mail ids marking the concerned LOB Head, Director HR & Operations and Accounts Team by the last day of the said month.
Code of Ethics:

  • Sexual Harassment:

We, at Orion Edutech, are committed to promoting a working environment that emphasizes equality of opportunity and freedom from fear of harassment for all its members, and are particularly keen on empowering our women colleagues to create an atmosphere where all can work with dignity. It ensures that we have a workplace free of sexual harassment.

  • Objective:

Our policy on gender equality strictly prohibits all members from engaging in unwelcome sexual conduct or sexual overtures - visual, verbal, or physical. All our employees must refrain from being indulged in such offense towards members, customers, vendors or anyone else.

  • In Scope:

The policy covers all regular employees, probationers, contract employees and all staff of Orion Edutech.

  • Detailed process when a complaint is received:

When a complaint is received, the following steps are followed:

Step 1: Complaint is reported to the LOB Head

Step 2: LOB Head obtains and records full, step-by-step account of the incident/s

Step 3: Ascertain the complainant’s preferred outcome, e.g. an apology, the behavior to cease, a change in working arrangements

Step 4: Agrees on the next step: informal resolution or formal investigation

Step 5: Keeps a confidential record of all details of this discussion and subsequent steps in the process.

Step 6: Presents the detailed report to the sexual harassment committee

Step 7: The committee analyses the facts and takes appropriate actions based on the evidence, i.e. informal resolution or formal investigation

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee (POSH) consists of the following members:

• Mrs. MehakSaraf - Presiding Officer

• Mr. SubhradipPurkayastha (Advocate) - Member

• Mr. Sanjeev Kothari - Member from NGO

• Mrs. Puja Banerjee - Member

• Mrs. RitashreeMajumdar - Member

  • Resolution Process (Process flow)

Based on the intensity of the act, Resolution process may be determined

• Informal Resolution

• Formal Resolution

  • Informal Resolution

Where a complainant has chosen informal resolution, following are the steps that the reporting authority abides by:

• Informs the alleged harasser of the complaint and provide an opportunity to respond

• Ensures both parties understand their rights and responsibilities under the organization’s policy

• If possible, mediates an outcome that is satisfactory for the complainant

• Ensures that confidentiality is maintained

• Follows up to ensure the behavior does not re-occur.

  • Formal Resolution

If a formal investigation is requested by the complainant, or if an informal resolution fails, the sexually harassed victim escalates the matter to the Director of the organization, the processes are:

• Interviews all directly concerned, separately

• Interview witnesses, separately

• Keeps records of the interviews and investigation

• Ensures confidentiality

• In such a case, determines appropriate action, which may include a change of duties for the harasser, change to working arrangements or, where the incidents were frequent and/or severe, dismissal

• Checks to ensure the action meets the needs of the complainant and the organization.

Grievance Redressal Policy:

  • Objective

The primary objective of grievance redressal policy is to ensure healthy employer, employee relationships. This would ensure improved productivity and efficiency in the organization and also result in strengthening team spirit among all members to perform and achieve the goal of the organization

  • Applicability

The policy covers all regular employees, probationers, contract employees and all staff of Orion Edutech

Grievance Redressal Procedure:

  • (Process Flow)

Step 1: Aggrieved employee submits grievance to reporting head

Step 2: Reporting head to resolve the issue in three working days

Step 3: If not solved by reporting manager, forwarded to location HR who should resolve theissue within 7 days of receipt of the grievance

Step 4: If location HR cannot resolve then forwarded to Director HR& Operations

Step 5: If the aggrieved employee is not satisfied, he/she can appeal to the director. The decision of the Director is final

An aggrieved employee submits his/her grievance to his immediate reporting head. The reporting head resolves it within 3 working days of receipt of the grievance and reverts to the employee. In case it is not solved, it is forwarded to the respective location HR who tries to redress the grievance at his/her level within 7 days of receipt of the grievance. In case the grievance is not resolved, HR forwards it to Director-HR & Operations who accordingly gives his recommendation and comments within three days. If the employee is not satisfied with the decision he/ she has the option for an appeal to the Director. The decision of the Director is the final decision.

  • Drugs and Alcohol:

Orion Edutech Private Limited strictly prohibits the use of drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace and in the official accommodation provided. All our members and employers must be in a clear and conscious state of mind during work hours.

  • Privacy of Records:

We provide utmost importance to the maintenance of privacy of personal information of every employee of Orion. We have well defined policies that protect such information from other employees and members. Nobody is allowed to access our employee database without prior permission from the authorities.

  • Confidentiality:

Our employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of any information and processes of the organization. They must not reveal any piece of information about their organization to any external party without permission from the management. Violation of confidentiality of the organization is subject to taking strict action against the employee and that can be termination also.

Note : Strict offence as sexual harassment, illegal measures taken, theft, physical violence, tampering organizational confidentiality and so on are liable for stringent action against the individual and also termination of the individual depending upon the level of offence.

  • Do's:

• Be punctual.

• Put biometric (Onsite Employee) and ERP attendance (Those who are travelling) without deviation.

• Dangle employee Identity card during working hours/ in the work premises.

• Switch off your computer before you leave for the day.

• Basic cleanliness of your workstation.

• Wear decent clothes.

• Be clean shaven for Male.

• Care for the company’s assets.

  • Don’ts:

• Do not use abusive language in the office premises.

• Do not eat non-veg in the office premises & do not roam about in the office premises.

• Do not indulge in physical harassment of any employee.

• Do not indulge in violence or theft.

• Do not smoke in the office premises.

  • What's App:

A group "Team Orion" is created in what'sapp, where every member on approval of the Reporting Boss can add Him/Her. Only official sms will be accepted during office hours (9 a.m.-7 p.m.), else for any non-official sms (such as – Birthday, Anniversary Wishes) should be shared before 9 a.m./after 7 p.m.

Violating the rules will lead to Penalty.

Note : All clauses are subject to amendments and alterations with the discretion of the directors.


Appendix – 1

  • Employee Referral Policy :

  • Payout Process :

Talent Acquisition team is responsible to prepare the payout database and ensure timely payout with help of accounts team. Attaching the payout tracker for reference.

Appendix – 2

  • Internal Transfer Policy:

Process :

Appendix – 3

  • Disciplinary Action Grid :

This is a corrective measure where the employee is expected to be compliant to the Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG). HR is the only authorized party to determine and executive the relevant course of action. Business team is supposed to raise an Incident Report or Business case detailing the incident to HR with prior approval from LOB Head.
HR will suggest course of action as per the DAP grid mentioned below, Director HR is authorized to sanction or change the action by considering an exception depending on nature of business and business requirement.
The data will be maintained by HR for future communication.

Appendix – 4

Travel Policy :
  • Travel Policy Eligibility:

  • Legends :

G stands for Global Roles i.e. AVP and above.

Z stands for Zonal Roles i.e. AGM and GM.

R stands for Regional Roles i.e. Manager to Regional Manager to Team Leaders.

A stands for Area Roles i.e. Executives.

Note :

Leave during tour is not permissible.

All tours must be approved from reporting authority prior to travel.

The amounts given above are guidelines and not an entitlement.

DA is not available if returning to base place on the same day.

Payments for tour expenses including Hotel will be settled directly by the employee.

Bills need to be provided. Where bill is not available, self-declaration need to be submitted.

In case any expenses is sponsored by the vendors/Business Partner shall not be allowed as claim.

Outstation Travel Expenses Statement must be submitted to the reporting authority for approval, immediately upon return from tour, If the TA bill is not submitted within 15 days of returning from Journey then company will not be liable to reimburse the same and the T.A. advance taken would be deducted from the salary.

Both Air fare is available if the journey is more than 12 hours by train and fare should be within permissible limit.

Both Air fare is available if the journey is more than 18 hours by train and fare should be within permissible limit. For Female employees, the same is applicable if the journey is more than 16 hours by train and the cost of flight is within 9000INR for both side (to and fro).

3T AC - one sided Air Fare within permissible limit (no sleeper class).

Travelling with bike will be reimbursed @ Rs. 2.30 per Kilometer and for AGM and above Self owned car travelling will be reimbursed @Rs7 per Kilometer.

* * Mobile limit is guidelines not an entitlement, the supporting must be given at the time of claim.

Appendix – 5

  • Leave counts & Logics for application –

  • Deviations:

1) Account’s Team will be the sole custodian of the Leave Balances until it is clubbed in the New ERP system.

2) On account of more than 2days of late each day will be considered as a full day leave and deduction will happen first from Casual Leave and then from Privilege Leave.

3) Leave Balance is incurred post confirmation for all employees.

4) During event when an employee takes leave without informing the supervisor or when the supervisor has rejected the leave but the employee still goes ahead with the leave, then he will be marked absent for that day and also 2days payout will be deducted.

  • Maternity Leave :

Effective 1st April 2018, Maternity leave is provided basis Maternity Act 1961 and Amendment of Maternity Act 2017. Total 26 weeks of leave is provided as per the policy to an expecting employee. As per policy she is eligible for maximum 8 weeks of Pre-natal leave and rest 18 weeks of Post-natal leave.

The concerned supervisor is required to take the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) as mentioned by the doctor in the prescription. Employee can avail Pre-natal leave of max 8 weeks before the EDD and then the rest 18 weeks post delivery.

Scenario #1:

Employee submits EDD and goes for Pre-natal leave i.e. 8 weeks before EDD however, delivery happens before EDD, then supervisor is required to calculate the leave taken till delivery if the same is less than 8 weeks then the balance days to be added to the Post-Natal leave count.

Scenario #2:

Employee submits EDD and goes for Pre-natal leave i.e. 8 weeks before EDD however, delivery happens after EDD, then supervisor is required to calculate 8 weeks from the date of delivery and the extra leave days to be substituted from the available leave balance or to be considered as LWP. While Post-Natal phase remains unchanged.

Scenario #3 :

Employee during the phase of pregnancy, is advised by the doctor to take leave from work or she herself is not well to attend office and requests for Maternity Leave. This is not possible. Instead in the above scenario the management will provide Leave to be employee from the leave balance acquired by the employee and the rest will be considered as LWP.

Scenario #4 :

Employee wants to bifurcate the Pre-natal leave of 8 weeks into installments, however, the same is not allowed. Maternity Leave cannot be interrupted in between at any cost.

Employee would need to submit documents pertaining to the leave, to the immediate supervisor and the supervisor is required toshare mail with HR requesting for the Maternity Leave. When the employee actually goes on leave then the supervisor needs to take approval of the LOB Head and share the actual leave start date with HR. Even post child birth the supervisor need to intimate HR the actual delivery date so that the post natal leave calculations can be done. Employee will be eligible for basic salary during the Maternity Leave period. Increment and Promotion eligibility will remain as is. From the announcement of pregnancy i.e. employee declaring herself as pregnant by providing medical proof, the management would not allow her to get involved in “hazardous job” i.e. job which involves extensive travelling, or physical labor or use of reagents that are detrimental to the health.

The above mentioned leave is applicable for Adoption (below 3 months) and Surrogacy (when the baby is handed over) as well however, only 12 weeks is provided and not 26weeks.For Miscarriage or Medical Termination of Pregnancy the employee is eligible for 6 weeks of Maternity Leave. During Tubectomy operation the employee is eligible for 2 weeks of Maternity Leave.

Maternity Leave is eligible for min 2 live births or 2 live children only beyond this 12weeks Maternity Leave is applicable with max 42days prenatal and 42days post natal leave.

  • Paternity Leave :

The employee is eligible for 1days Paternity Leave till 2 live births or 2 live children only. The leave can be availed within the first 15days on child birth. Employee will be eligible for full day’s payment. Supervisor is required to check the documents before sanctioning the same and should intimate HR accordingly. HR will inform Accounts accordingly during the concerned month’s payroll.

Appendix – 6

A) Modes of Attendance Updation :

1) Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

2) Biometric

  • Process Flow :

  • Attendance Marking Logic :

Login for less than 4hrs on a given day will be Treated as Absent.

Login for 4 to 6hrs on a given day will be Treated as Half Day.

Login for more than 6hrs on a given day will be Treated as Full Day.

If login was done but not logged out or vice versa then employee will be marked Absent.

Every 3rd instance of late coming/early leaving will be marked as Absent hence, will be treated as LWP or deduction of leave from leave bucket.

Every 2nd& 4th Saturday will be treated as Off for HO and RO employees. Rest all Saturdays will be working. On these days attendance at 9am is mandatory, any login after 9:15am will be considered as late is logged out at 5pm or else if login is done within 9:45am then employees are required to stay logged in till 6:30pm.

1) Enterprise Resource Planning

2) Biometric Attendance

B) Exceptions and Implications :

C) Payroll Period :

1) Payroll period is from 27th of the last month to the 26th of the current month, however, the payout is based on 1st to 31st of the month.

2) HR will be responsible to prepare and share attendance with Accounts team by the 30th of the month.

3) Salary will be credited on the 10th day of the month. If 10th is a Holiday then as per decision of the management either the payout can happen before or after the said date.

  • Shift Change Policy :
  • 1) Any shift change request should have an approval from LOB Head with a justification for change.Such request mails need to be sent to HR by the 3rd of the current month to incorporate in the same month or else the same will be effective from next month.

    Appendix – 7

    Work From Home Policy

  • Eligibility :
  • This is for all payroll confirmed employees only, where employee stays at home and works for the company

    Note :

    1. All confirmed employees in Payroll are considered in scope of this policy.

    2. Applicable for a condition where the employee is medically unfit to attend office supported by a document from a recognized medical practitioner. This cannot exceed 30days.

    3. In a situation when there is a sad demise of a family member like Biological parents, spouse, siblings, children and own grand-parents. Post joining they will have to provide Death Certificate of the concerned family member so to rightfully substantiate the authenticity of the claim. This cannot exceed 15days.

    4. In a situation when there is an bed-bound illness of Biological parents, spouse, siblings, children and own grand-parents. Post joining they need to produce a medical document from a recognized medical practitioner substantiating the authenticity of the claim. This cannot exceed 15days.

    5. In a situation when spouse is on an official trip and there are sick parents at home or kids below the age of 10yrs to be taken care of. In this situation the employee post joining needs to submit to and fro travel tickets of the spouse along with medical documents of ailing parents from a recognized medical practitioner or the birth certificate of the kids. This cannot exceed 30days.

    6. In a situation where the spouse has been transferred to an outstation location and the employee is required to accompany him/her to that location for a period not exceeding 30days. In this situation the employee needs to provide the spouse’s transfer intimation from his/her office.

    7. In a situation where the kids are facing board exams. The employee is required to submit the Admit Card of the kid appearing from the board exam. This can be availed max for15days and no extensions are allowed.

    In no other circumstances this policy to be used.

  • Implication :
  • The number of days availed for Work from Home will be paid out basis the Basic Component mentioned in the salary. Unless exception is approved Director HR & Operations or Founder Directors.

  • Application Process :
  • Concerned employee along with the mentioned documents stated above needs get approval from the concerned LOB Head and Founder Director, in case of LOB Heads, the approval needs to be procured from the respective Founder Directors. Once approvals are received, the request needs to be shared with HR for payroll purpose. In case if there is an extension required again the employee needs to procure approval of LOB Head and share the approval with HR. But extensions cannot exceed 60days in any situation.