I am Dipika and I am a candidate of Orion Edutech Guma Being the only bread earner in a family of 4 my father was unable to support my education post HS But, I was not ready to sit idle at home So I decided to get a job for myself Soon, I realized that in this competitive market it is not possible for me to get a job without being properly skilled One day Bijoy my cousin visited our place He brought beautiful gifts for everyone father, mom, didi and me He told us that he got a job at Mc Donalds after getting trained from Orion Edutech He explained that Orion Edutech is an open opportunity for all who provides free skill development course under the PMKVY scheme I thought that this could be a great opportunity to grab on I visited the center and got myself enroll with the FB Service sector The classes were full of fun and we didnt even realize that we were actually learning about the course After 3 months of training I successfully cracked the interview at Flurys My family is my responsibility and now I am capable enough to give my family a proper livelihood My company is very happy with my work process I feel happy when my customers say Bhaiya next time ap hi aana I feel proud to give my father my salary envelope His eyes shine with happiness